Fuse Lockouts 95 Fuse Blocker-2 Way Fuse Blocker-4 Way Specifications LT-FB-2W LT-FB-4W Type 2 Way 4 Way Designed to be placed where fuses have been removed to prevent accidental re-insertion of fuses, these unique fuse blockers have the facility to carry a safety tag giving clear identification. ] ] Use 2 way to fit blade type fuses Fuse Blockers Fuse Pullers Simple to use fuse puller for taking out fuses from switches before a lockout tagout procedure. ] ] For 0-100A / 250V and 600V-12mm-25mm in diameter fuses ] ] Fully insulated, glass filled polypropylene construction ] ] 190.5mm in length Model Product Name LT-SGFP Safe Grip Fuse Puller