Security Padlocks 44 Brass Padlock with Steel Shackle-Small Brass Padlock with Steel Shackle-Long Specifications LT-BPSS-S LT-BPSS-L Shackle Height (A) 30mm 77mm Shackle Diameter (B) 6mm 6mm Body Height (C) 33m 33mm Body Width (D) 40mm 40mm Body Depth (E) 15mm 15mm Keys Supplied 2 2  KEYING OPTIONS These padlocks are available in: ] ] Keyed Alike ] ] Keyed Different ] ] Master Keyed KD  Complete Brass Padlock Small-5mm Complete Brass Padlock Small-6mm Complete Brass Padlock Long-5mm Complete Brass Padlock Long-5mm Specifications LT-CBLP-5S LT-CBLP-6S LT-CBLP-5L LT-CBLP-6L Shackle Height (A) 30mm 32mm 45mm 47mm Shackle Diameter (B) 5mm 6mm 5mm 6mm Body Height (C) 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm Body Width (D) 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm Body Depth (E) 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm Keys Supplied 2 2 2 2 Choose your Key Type Key Different LT-CBLP-5S-KD LT-CBLP-6S-KD LT-CBLP-5L-KD LT-CBLP-6L-KD Key Alike LT-CBLP-5S-KA LT-CBLP-6S-KA LT-CBLP-5L-KA LT-CBLP-6L-KA Key Different + Master LT-CBLP-5S-KD+M LT-CBLP-6S-KD+M LT-CBLP-5L-KD+M LT-CBLP-6L-KD+M Complete Brass Padlocks 40mm solid brass padlocks are durable and ideal for use in harsh conditions where there is a risk of rust and corrosion. ] ] Comes with 2 keys Brass Body Padlocks 40mm solid brass padlocks have a durable body and hardened shackles that resist sawing and filing.