Lockout Stations and Storage 126 LT-SB-50L-R-W- COMPLETE Shadow Lockout Station With Accessories LT-SB-50L-R-W Shadow Lockout Station Without Accessories Quantity Accessories 50 LT-PLSP Padlock-Key Different 1 Small Vinyl Coated Hasp 1 Premier Vinyl Coated Hasp 20 Lockout Tags 1 LT-SLS-50 Lockout Station 50 Lock-Shadow Lockout Station (H:915mm x W:585mm) LT-SB-100L-R-W- COMPLETE Open Lockout Station With Accessories LT-SB-100L-R-W Open Lockout Station Without Accessories Quantity Accessories 100 LT-PLSP Padlock-Key Different 3 Small Vinyl Coated Hasp 4 Premier Vinyl Coated Hasp 40 Lockout Tags 1 LT-SLS-100 Lockout Station 100 Lock-Shadow Lockout Station (H:980mm x W:1170mm) Padlock Station for 6 Locks Padlock Station for 12 Locks Padlock Station for 18 Locks Padlock Station for 24 Locks Specifications LT-MPS6 LT-MPS12 LT-MPS18 LT-MPS24 Height 70mm 70mm 70mm 70mm Width 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm Depth 130mm 250mm 370mm 490mm Keep padlocks stored neatly and readily available with these padlock stations, available in 4 different sizes. ] ] Supplied with screws for wall mounting ] ] 4 storage sizes available Padlock Stations