Electrical Panel Lockout 86 Specifications LT-COCOON Inner Diameter (H x L) 85 x 70mm Hole Diameter 30mm Designed for larger electrical push buttons on electrical panels or control stations. Simply place the base over the push button and fasten the cover, therefore preventing access to the button. Secure it in place using padlocks. ] ] Transparent material to allow identification of the button locked out Cocoon: Oversize Push Button Lockouts Specifications LT-MUSHROOM Inner Diameter (H x L) 33 x 68mm Hole Diameter 29mm Safe and effective method of locking out emergency stop type mushroom buttons (standard sizes). It is designed to fit around emergency stop buttons to prevent access. Use the padlock to secure in place once installed correctly. Made from clear polycarbonate so the button can be clearly seen. ] ] Supplied with a red beak padlock installer ] ] Lockout labels are provided Mushroom: Normal Push Button Lockouts