Lockout Stations and Storage 150 Padlock Rack with Group Lock Box Small Storage with Group Lock Box Medium Storage with Group Lock Box Large Storage with Group Lock Box Specifications LT-WPR-GLB LT-WS-GLB-S LT-WS-GLB-M LT-WS-GLB-L Height 483mm 546mm 635mm 365mm Width 51mm 108mm 108mm 108mm Depth 178mm 260mm 394mm 787mm These steel boxes provide one central location to store all lockout devices for specific departments. They come with pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. Reference label inside states 10 basic steps for an effective lockout. ] ] Customisation options available Storage Group Lockout Boxes Group lockout boxes allow teams working on lockout procedures to safely store any keys associated with machinery in a large, sturdy steel box which can then be further secured using an individual padlock for each person in the team. Unauthorised users cannot get access to the box unless all employees have removed their locks. ] ] Additional padlock can be installed on locking buckle ] ] Customised colour / logo / dept. / etc. available. Please contact for more information as minimum order quantities apply Group Lock Boxes 7 Lock Group Lockout Box Red Lockout Box Yellow 13 Lock Group Lockout Box Coloured (Red standard) Specifications LT-GLB-R7 LT-GLB-Y LT-GLB-R13 Height 187mm 184mm 184mm Width 110mm 110mm 110mm Depth 123mm 273mm 273mm Lock Spaces 7 13 13 Please state colour preference when ordering, some order quantity requirements apply B E S T S E L LER•BEST S E L L E R • B E S T S E L L E R • 