Cable Lockouts 65 Braided steel cable for strength and flexibility with a vinyl cover that protects the cable from wearing, scratching and corrosion. Both ends are looped with rust-resistant sleeves and scratch guards. ] ] Used for multiple applications ] ] Extremely durable Specifications ML-72EURD ML-78EURD Diameter 10mm 10mm Cable Length 4.50m 1.80m Looped End Cables Steel braided interchangeable cable with a 10mm diameter, perfect for use in construction sites, tree stands, portable power equipment and with equipment and tools. ] ] Available in keyed alike options so the cable can be opened by multiple worker ] ] Rust resistant lock and vinyl coated cable for superior weather and scratch resistance ] ] Strap holds excess cable for compact storage Specifications ML-8433EURD Diameter 10mm Cable Length 1.80m Python Locking Cables B E S T S E L LER•BEST S E L L E R • B E S T S E L L E R • 