Electrical Panel Lockout 87 Electrical Panel Handle Lockout Electrical Panel Handle Lockout with Non Conductive Strip Specifications LT-EPHL LT-EPHL-DE Strip Length 300mm 300mm Strip Width 25mm 25mm Padlock Holes 20 20 Non Conductive Strip No Yes Freezes the movement of bigger handles/levers installed on electrical panels. Yellow base and flexible powder coated stainless steel strip make it difficult for handles to move from their position once locked with the help of two yellow clamps and a lockout padlock (lock sold separately). ] ] Recommended for handles and levers that have no arrangement or clear method for locking out Electrical Panel Handle Lockouts Specifications LT-EPHOL-EL Inner Diameter (H x L) 42 x 70mm Safe and effective method for locking out electrical panel holes. Simply remove the adhesive backing strip and place over the source, place the cover over the base and a padlock can be attached for secure locking/isolating. ] ] Transparent material allows you to still identify the switch/button Ellipse Electrical Panel Hole Lockouts