Lockout Stations and Storage 143 Ideal for group lockout situations. After the equipment to be worked on has been locked off, all lockout keys are placed inside the cabinet and locked by the responsible person. Each worker then retains their key, ensuring access cannot be gained to the keys locked inside the cabinet. ] ] Call us to discuss any special requirements-e.g. size and number of locks on the front ] ] Pre-drilled holes available for wall mounting Group Lockout Key Cabinets Specifications LT-GLKC Height 464mm Width 394mm Depth 51mm 4 Key Group Lockout Box 8 Key Group Lockout Box 24 Key Group Lockout Box 50 Key Group Lockout Box Specifications LT-GL-1/2 LT-GL-1 LT-GL-2 LT-GL-3 Height 286mm 311mm 476mm 540mm Width 79mm 79mm 79mm 79mm Depth 152mm 305mm 318mm 457mm Key Spaces 4 8 24 50 These key group lock boxes are made of coated special grade steel for maximum durability and safety of your key. The boxes have hooks and a clear fascia so keys can clearly be seen. Document holder slots are also provided on the main body for carrying around company lockout forms and permits. ] ] Stainless steel handle for portability ] ] Pre-punched holes for wall mounting is available ] ] Customisation options available Key Group Lockout Boxes Please note, lead time on customised products can take up to 4 weeks