Lockout Stations and Storage 148 3 Keys Safety Lockout Box 4 Keys Safety Lockout Box 5 Keys Safety Lockout Box 8 Keys Safety Lockout Box Specifications LT-SLB-3K LT-SLB-4K LT-SLB5K LT-SLB-8K Height 127mm 165mm 204mm 312mm Width 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm Depth 131mm 131mm 131mm 131mm Keys 3 4 5 8 Safety lockout boxes are ideal for group lockout situations. After the equipment to be worked on has been locked off, all lockout keys/ fuses etc. are placed inside the lockout box and locked by the authorised person. ] ] Control keys can be ‘key alike’ for multiple boxes under the control of the responsible person ] ] All secondary keys are ‘key different’ ] ] Keys can be provided with individual identification key chains ] ] LT-SLB-3K / 4K / 5K and 8K models are supplied with inbuilt cabinet locks which cannot be removed from their slots ] ] All the boxes have A / B / C or 1/ 2 / 3 marking for individual locks, which can be customised. All keys correspond to lock identifiers Heavy Duty Safety Lockout Boxes 5 Lock Safety Lockout Box 8 Lock Safety Lockout Box 5 Keys-12 Holes-Safety Lockout Box 1 Key-12 Holes-Safety Lockout Box-Red Specifications LT-SLB5L LT-SLB8L LT-SLB-5K-12H LT-SLB-1K-12H-R Height 205mm 312mm 230mm 153mm Width 160mm 160mm 153mm 153mm Depth 131mm 131mm 89mm 64mm Locks 5 8 12 12