Circuit Breaker Lockouts 75 Large Circuit Breaker Lockout Large Circuit Breaker Twister Screw Large Circuit Breaker Round Handle Specifications LT-LCB LT-LCBTS LT-LCBR For Lever Size (W x D) 76 x 23mm 76 x 23mm 76 x 23mm Screw Type Screwdriver Required Twister Screw Screwdriver Required Handle No No Yes These circuit breaker lockouts are designed to fit over larger switches/levers. They are easy to install, simply turn the screw into the circuit breaker handle and add your own padlock and tag after fitting it properly. ] ] Locks out a wide range of three phase circuit breakers (277V and above) ] ] Stainless steel / PVC construction ] ] Brass threaded insert is used for smooth operation of screw ] ] Handle allows extra padlocks to be added Large Circuit Breaker Lockouts Specifications Page LT-COMBO-COBL LT-TF-COMBO LT-COBL-S 73  LT-COBL-M 73  LT-COBL-L 73  LT-C / COBL-S 73  LT-C / COBL-M 73  LT-TF CBL 74  LT-TF UCBL 74  See the products on pages 73-74 Circuit Breaker Lockout Kits A selection of grip type circuit breaker lockouts available as combination kits. Products in these kits can be seen in the catalogue and bought individually. ] ] Each kit contains one of each item listed