Electrical Panel Lockout 90  HOW DOES IT WORK? Drill the base plate onto the panel body, or a surface within reach of the switch that is to be locked out. Once secure, the bar covers the control switch locking it in either on or off position. Lastly, it should be padlocked in place until procedures are complete. Lockout Grippers Simply apply the base plate to the wall or switch plate using the adhesive backing, once in position, place the gripper arm over the base plate, and the breaker lever, then secure with a padlock. ] ] Safe and effective method for locking breakers ] ] This can be easily installed with the aid of the adhesive backing ] ] It can be used for on and off positions Specifications LT-GRIPPER Inner space for lever 26 x 31mm Specifications LT-STL Base Diameter 50mm Bar Size (L x W) 127 x x25mm This versatile lockout prevents the accidental activation of large circuit breakers and can work on a wide variety of flip lever style handle switches. It is made of red ABS plastic and consists of two parts: the mounting base and slider. ] ] Installs quickly and easily with rivets or screws; installed after drilling hole in the panel body Slider Toggle Lockouts