Security Padlocks 53 These solid aluminium padlocks have a full aluminium body with a brass cylinder. The shackle is spring loaded and chrome plated for extra strength and resistance to sawing and filing. Can be customised. ] ] Available in 6 colours, please ask about availability when ordering call 01642 931 332 Blue Aluminium Lockout Padlock with Steel Shackle Red Aluminium Lockout Padlock with Steel Shackle Specifications LT-ALP-B LT-ALP-R Shackle Height (A) 33mm 33mm Shackle Diameter (B) 6mm 6mm Body Height (C) 40mm 40mm Body Width (D) 38mm 38mm Body Depth (E) 18mm 18mm Keys Supplied 2 2  HELP Refer to page 36 to see how to measure a padlock along with other helpful tips to help you pick the right padlock. Aluminium Body Padlocks ABUS 145 combination locks are made of a solid aluminium body with anodized coating. Used for low-mid security measures such as tool boxes, switchboards, lockers etc. 145/20 & 145/30 use a 3 digit resettable digit code, 145/40 use a 4 digit resettable code. ] ] Available in 9 colours-blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, red, brown, titanium and silver. Please state preference in your order Aluminium Body Combination Lock Aluminium Combo Lock 20mm Aluminium Combo Lock 30mm Aluminium Combo Lock 40mm Specifications ABUS-145/20 ABUS-145/30 ABUS-145/40 Shackle Height (A) 22mm 26mm 26mm Shackle Diameter (B) 3mm 5mm 6mm Body Height (C) 27.5mm 34mm 45mm Body Width (D) 22.5mm 31.5mm 41.5mm Body Depth (E) 13.5mm 15.5mm 17.5mm