Safety Posters and Books 180  TAKE A LOOK INSIDE Lockout Training Booklets Provide essential information to staff and other individuals about lockout / tagout procedures. It should be used in combination with effective lockout / tagout training and it is recommended that each member of staff has his/her own copy. ] ] The booklet helps gain compliance with all lockout / tagout regulations, including OSHA Model Product Name LT-LTBOOKLET Lockout Training Booklet Proves particularly useful when multiple maintenance teams might be working, allowing each team to keep a clear catalogue of all lockout procedures. Contains space for detailing machinery type, who it is used by, time periods, purpose, location, and more to ensure detailed accounts are kept and ensuring a safe and effective work-place. ] ] A must-have for effective lockout implementation Model Product Name LT-LR Lockout Registers (A + B) Lockout Registers