Electrical Panel Lockout 85 Flexible Cocoon Flexible Cocoon Base Flexible Cocoon Retrofit Base Specifications LT-F-COCOON LT-FC-BASE LT-FC-R-BASE Switch Diameter 22.5-30.5mm 22.5-30.5mm 22.5-30.5mm Button Height 45mm 45mm 45mm Button Diameter 50mm 50mm 50mm Pack Size 1 10 10 These Flexi Cocoon lockouts can be applied to buttons or switches to prevent access to them and prevent them from becoming energised. The clear plastic is durable and allows visibility of nameplates and labels. The variation of available bases allows for different button types/switch types to be locked out and will cover a range of sizes. ] ] Retrofit base allows use with raised nameplates and off centre installation to accommodate rotary knobs ] ] Fits both 30.5mm and 22.5mm diameter switches ] ] Accommodates buttons up to 50mm diameter and 45mm tall ] ] Includes one cover, one new install base and one retrofit base with double-sided adhesive tape ] ] Kit contains one of each item Model LT-F COCOON LT-FC BASE LT-FC R BASE LT-FC-KIT    Flexi Cocoon: Rotary Switch Cover Lockouts Specifications LT-ELLIPSE Inner Diameter (H x L) 42 x 70mm Hole Diameter Specially for Twin Switches A safe and effective method for locking out dual switches as seen on electrical panels. Simply remove the strip from the strong adhesive backing and place over switches. ] ] Padlock can be placed for locking / isolating the switches Twin Switch Electrical Panel Lockouts