Valve Lockouts 101 Gate Valve Lockouts Specifically designed to fit around the handle of gate valves, these lockouts completely enclose the valve, preventing it from being turned. Made to be as easy to install as possible: simply open the lockout, clip around the valve and secure in place with padlocks, hasps and tags. Our range of gate valve lockouts are resistant to common forms of damage and are even suitable for use in industrial and outdoor conditions. ] ] Withstand temperatures from -29°C to 93°C ] ] ‘Knock-out’ centre; can be removed with a sharp blade for use with rising stem valves ] ] Suitable for use with padlocks and lockout hasps Model LT-02-GVL LT-04-GVL LT-06-GVL LT-08-GVL LT-10-GVL Size 25mm-63.5mm 63.5mm-127mm 127mm -165mm 165mm-254mm 254mm-355mm Inside Diameter (A) 70mm 130mm 170mm 257mm 355mm Inside Depth (B) 32mm 34mm 41mm 50mm 63mm Outside Diameter (C) 76mm 140mm 177mm 267mm 368mm Outside Height (D) 38mm 44mm 50mm 63mm 74mm  GATE VALVE GUIDE It is important that you buy the right size lockout for your needs, to make sure the gate valve fits, check the measurements against the guide on the right. To fit, simply open it up and clamp it around the valve, then padlock in place. B E S T S E L LER•BEST S E L L E R • B E S T S E L L E R • 