Tags 164 Common Front Side LT-DL TAGS-1 LT-DL TAGS-2 LT-DL TAGS-3 LT-DL TAGS-4 LT-DL TAGS-5 LT-DL TAGS-6 LT-DL TAGS-7 Model Product Name Size LT-DL-TAGS-[X] Disposable Lockout Tags H:145 x W:80mm Disposable Lockout Tags Each tag is printed with standard ‘Danger, this equipment has been locked out, do not operate’ message with a choice of 7 different reverse messages or blanks to suit various applications. ] ] Ideal for short-term indoor/outdoor isolations ] ] Customisation options available ] ] Pack contains 100 tags-straight cut Model Product Name Size LT-PITAGS-[X] Photo ID Lockout Tags-Yellow H:145 x W:80mm LT-PITAGS-1 LT-PITAGS-2 LT-PITAGS-3 LT-PITAGS-4 Front Side of Tag Yellow Photo I.D Lockout Tags Identify who is in charge of the lockout procedure with these self-laminating I.D tags. Simply add a small photograph of the designated employee/worker and fill in the details. ] ] Supplied in packs of 10