Hasps 17 Combo Tag/Hasps Aluminium, powder-coated hasps with integrated tag. Available in two different shapes, these hasps are suitable for use in a wide variety of different applications. We can also provide spare labels for the hasps. If you require a different colour, please call us on 01642 931 332. Minimum order quantities apply. TAGO Hasp - Red TAGO RED 6 TAGO RED 8 TAGO RED 10 Specifications LT-TAGO-R LT-TAGOR6 LT-TAGOR8 LT-TAGOR10 Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Jaw Size - Diameter 27mm 25mm 25mm 25mm Body - Width 77mm 75mm 75mm 75mm Body - Height 190mm 171mm 171mm 171mm Shackle - Diameter 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm LT - L - TAGO R  DON’T FORGET LABELS Made from high quality, thick gauge aluminium, and are coated with red powder to prevent rusting, chipping, fading and corrosion. The labels on these hasps include space for entering a reason for why the lockout is attached and also incorporate a padlock ID system where each person attaching a padlock can write their name on the label (space for up 8 padlocks). Combination Lockout/Tagout Hasp - Single Locking Jaws Combination Lockout/Tagout Hasp - Double Locking Jaws Specifications LT-2-IN-1-SLHASP LT-2-IN-1-DLHASP Material Aluminium Aluminium Jaw Size - Diameter 39mm 39mm Body - Width 60mm 60mm Body - Height 223mm 223mm Shackle - Diameter 10mm 10mm LT-2IN1HL  DON’T FORGET LABELS Aluminium Combination Lockout/Tagout Hasps