Safety Padlocks 26 Full Nylon Non-Conductive Handy Padlocks This version of the ‘Handy Padlock’ range has a nylon body and shackle which allows them to be used in electrical based lockouts safely and effectively. The jack locking key mechanism does not allow the release of the key until the shackle is closed and the padlock is locked. ] ] Customisation options are available call our sales team for more information on 01642 931 332 ] ] Steel shackle or stainless steel versions are available Nylon Shackle Normal Body 3x Nylon Shackle Normal Body Long Nylon Shackle Normal Body Specifications LT-HDEL-42 LT-HDEL-42-KD 3C LT-HDEL-85 Shackle Height (A) 42mm 42mm 85mm Shackle Diameter (B) 6mm 6mm 6mm Body Height (C) 73mm 73mm 73mm Body Width (D) 43mm 43mm 43mm Body Depth (E) 20mm 20mm 20mm Keys Supplied 1 1 1  DON’T FORGET Padlock labels help you to identify lockout information. Order codes below. Model Product Name LT-HDEL-42-KA-R Safety Padlock-42mm Nylon Shackle-Key Alike- Red LT-HDEL-42-KD+M-R Safety Padlock-42mm Nylon Shackle-Key Different + Master Key-Red LT-HDEL-42-KD-3C Safety Padlock-42mm Nylon Shackle-Key Different Set of 3 colours R/Y/B LT-HDEL-42-KD-R Safety Padlock-42mm Nylon Shackle-Key Different-Red LT-HDEL-85-KA-R Safety Padlock-85mm Nylon Shackle-Key Alike- Red LT-HDEL-85-KD+M-R Safety Padlock-85mm Nylon Shackle-Key Different + Master Key-Red LT-HDEL-85-KD-R Safety Padlock-85mm Nylon Shackle-Key Different-Red LT-HLSPL Labels for LT-HLSP and LT-HDEL Padlocks