Fuse Lockouts 94 These fuse holder lockouts clamp over the fuse holder and screw onto the equipment to prevent it from being powered. ] ] Universal lockout device can help to prevent unintended energising of the source ] ] Clamp UFHL onto the fuse holder using a small screwdriver ] ] Place a padlock through the hole to prevent access to the set screw ] ] Made of nylon plastic with metal set screw ] ] By using the FHL-T & W, fuse carriers can be locked off ] ] Brass screw threaded insert for smooth operation of screws Universal Fuse Holder Lockout- Red Fuse Holder Lockout-Thin Grip Type Fuse Holder Lockout-Wide Grip Type Specifications LT-UFHL LT-FHL-TGT LT-FHL-WGT Fuse Fitting Universal Thin Wide  WHICH FUSES? The lockouts are generally great for most fuses but if you’re not sure which one to use, check out the images to see if the kind of fuse holder you are needing to lockout is there. Universal Fuse Holder Lockouts This premier fuse holder lockout is designed to work with most fuse holders due to its adjustable design. Once in place, a padlock can be attached to the holder. ] ] With the help of screwdriver-turn screw for easy installation. Internal screw is inaccessible in the locked position to prevent removal ] ] Can be mounted side-by-side on adjacent fuse holders ] ] Rubberised side pads offer a secure and friction free fitting Model Product Name LT-PFHL Premier Fuse Holder Lockout Premier Fuse Holder Lockouts