Tags 160 P -1 P-5 P-9 P-13 P-17 P-2 P-6 P-10 P-14 P-18 P-3 P-7 P-11 P-15 P-4 P-8 P-12 P-16 Premier Energy Source Identification Tags These Premier ID Tags have vibrant colours with bold graphics which are easily identified on machinery and provide information to employees regarding the isolation point of various types of energy source. ] ] Case comes with stainless steel ring ] ] Available in self-adhesive options without casing for fixing directly onto machines ] ] Minimum order quantity applicable, please call our team for more information on 01642 931 332 ] ] Customisation options available, please note lead time can take up to 4 weeks Model Product Name Size LT-ESIDT P-[X] Energy Source Identification Tags-Premier-Self Stick H:57 x W:100mm LT-ESIDT P-[X] + C Energy Source Identification Tags-Premier-With Case H:60 x W:130mm (Case Size)