Safety Padlocks 29 6 pin cylinder padlocks with reserved key profile and over 40,000 unique safety key codes. The thermoplastic Zenex body resists corrosion, UV exposure, extreme temperatures (-40°C to +90°C) and chemicals. Key retaining feature ensures lock isn’t left open. ] ] 406 padlocks feature a non-conductive shackle ] ] Includes write-on ‘Danger’ / ‘Property Of’ labels ] ] Available in 8 colours and also in multi-packs, please call for more information Thermoplastic 400 Series Lockout Padlocks Non Conductive Lockout Padlock Lockout Padlock Long Body Lockout Padlock Specifications ML-406 ML-410 ML-411 Shackle Diameter (A) 6mm 6mm 6mm Shackle Height (B) 38mm 38mm 38mm Clearance (C) 20mm 20mm 20mm Body Width (D) 38mm 38mm 38mm Body Height (E) 44mm 44mm 76mm Key Retaining     KEYING OPTIONS These padlocks are available in: ] ] Keyed Alike ] ] Keyed Different ] ] Master Keyed KA/KD  Model Product Name ML-400 COV Padlock Covers-400 400 Series Padlock Covers Increase the protection of your padlock with these padlock covers from Master Lock, they protect key-way and shackle holes from environmental factors such as dust, dirt, debris and water. These covers are designed for the Master Lock 400 series. ] ] Increase the lifespan of your padlocks Padlock for illustration purposes only B E S T S E L LER•BEST S E L L E R • B E S T S E L L E R • 