Safety Padlocks 22 These heavy-duty padlocks are made from steel and the shackle contains alloy metals for increased durability and prevention against cutting, prying and twisting. Great for tough environments. ] ] Laminated with warning label-ideal for when security is essential ] ] 5 pin tumbler cylinders for additional keying options ] ] 6 colour options available on request Steel Padlock With Regular Shackle 3x Steel Padlocks With Regular Shackle Steel Padlock With Long Shackle 3x Steel Padlocks With Long Shackle Specifications LT-PRS LT-PRS3 LT-PLS LT-PLS3 Shackle Height (A) 30mm 30mm 54mm 54mm Shackle Diameter (B) 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm Body Height (C) 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm Body Width (D) 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm Body Depth (E) 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm Keys Supplied 2 2 2 2 Alloy Shackle with Steel Body Padlocks Model Product Name LT-PRS-KD Steel Padlock-Regular Shackle-Key Different LT-PRS 3-KD Steel Padlock-Regular Shackle-Key Different-Set of 3 LT-PLS-KD Steel Padlock-Long Shackle-Key Different LT-PLS-KA Steel Padlock-Long Shackle-Key Alike LT-PLS3-KD Steel Padlock-Long Shackle-Key Different-Set of 3 LT-PLS3-KA Steel Padlock-Long Shackle-Key Alike-Set of 3 Model Product Name LT-JPL-1 Jacket Padlock Label for JPLS padlocks-1 (Yellow Label-This Lock Belongs To) LT-JPL-2 Jacket Padlock Label for JPLS padlocks-2 (Red and White Label-This Lock Is To Be Removed Only By) LT-JPL-3 Jacket Padlock Label for JPLS padlocks-3 (Red and White Label-Locked Out By) LT-JPL-4 Jacket Padlock Label for JPLS padlocks-4 (Red and White Label-Locked Out By-Photo) Jacket Padlock Labels LT-JPL-1 LT-JPL-2 LT-JPL-3 LT-JPL-4