Cable Lockouts 59 Small-size cable lockout system ideal for isolating larger gate valves or oversized equipment. To use, simply route the cable through what you need to lockout, insert the cable into the ‘mouse’ and squeeze the black part to tighten. ] ] The supplied cable is made from high quality flexible steel with vinyl coating Specifications LT-MTCL-2C4 LT-MTCL-2C6 Device Included Included Cable Diameter 4mm 6mm Cable Length 2m 2m Mouse Type Cable Lockouts This flexible, cost-effective cable lockout can be used to lock out multiple points; simply tie the cable around the equipment that requires lockout and attach the cable lockout. The lockout is made of durable ABS and is lightweight and easy to carry around. ] ] Cable is made of steel with insulated coating ] ] Standard cable length is 2m ] ] Looped end on cable ] ] Made of ABS ] ] Extra length cable is available for special orders-please call our sales team on 01642 931 332 for more information 7 Hole Multipurpose Lockout with Cable 7 Hole Multipurpose Lockout without Cable Specifications LT-7H-MCL-2CL LT-7H-MCL Device Standard Standard Material ABS ABS Cable Loop Yes-One End - Cable Length 2m Coated Steal Cable Not Included 7 Hole Multipurpose Cable Lockouts