Circuit Breaker Lockouts 74 Tool Free Circuit Breaker Lockout Specifications LT-TF-CBL LT-TF-UCBL Universal No Yes Dual Padlock Holes Yes Yes Padlock Shackle Diameter Up to 6mm Up to 6mm ] ] Universally accepted on most ISO/DIN circuit breakers ] ] Dual padlock holes-apply the padlock horizontally or vertically ] ] Both pointed and flat screw are supplied with each lockout What’s the difference? Look closely at the shape of each breaker, the gripping section differs in shape, the standard breaker should work on most ISO/ DIN breakers, whereas the universal fitting should accommodate a range of breakers. All other features are the same on either model. Easy to install, just slide over the switch, tighten the screw, lift up the cover and secure in place with a lockout padlock. Quick, easy and hard to remove. Pointed Screw Flat Screw LT-TF CBL ] ] Universal shape is designed to work where other lockouts for this breaker type fail ] ] Thumb turn dial screw for easy attachment with no tools required LT-TF UCBL