Work Site Safety 186 LT-MPTH-T1 LT-MPTH-T2 LT-MPTH-T3 LT-MPTH-T4 LT-MPTH-T5 Small Property Tags Regular and detailed inspections of ladders both temporary and fixed must be carried out to ensure the safety of employees and safety of equipment. Ideal for ladders, kick stools and podiums. The reverse of the insert displays a quick reference inspections checklist. LT-MPTH LT-LIT1 LT-LIT2 LT-SPTH-T1 LT-SPTH LT-SPTH-T2 LT-SPTH-T3 Model Product Name LT-SPTH Slim Property Tag Holder LT-SPTH -T [X] Tag for LT-SPTH LT-LIT [X] Ladder Inspection Tag LT-MPTH Mini Property Tag Holder LT-MPTH-T [X] Tags for LT-MPTH