Tags 161 S-1 S-2 S-3 S-4 S-5 S-6 S-7 S-8 S-9 S-10 S-11 S-12 S-13 S-14 S-15 S-16 S-17 S-18 Shaped Energy Source Identification Tags Energy sources carry a number of risks that affect workers who service the machines and equipment, these tags assist workers in understanding hazardous energy sources by tagging them. ] ] 3mm PVC Tags-bold and bright shapes that can easily be identified on machinery ] ] 4mm shackle hole on non-adhesive tags ] ] Available in self adhesive options for fixing directly to the machine ] ] Customisation options available ] ] Minimum order quantity applicable, please call our team for more information on 01642 931 332 ] ] Ask about tag bundles and prices Model Product Name Size LT-ESIDT SS-[X] Energy Source Identification Tags-Shaped-Self Stick H:75 x W:75mm LT-ESIDT SP-[X] Energy Source Identification Tags-Shaped-PVC H:75 x W:75 x D:0.3mm TAG BUNDLE Tag Bundle Available on Request - Please note, lead time on customised products can take up to 4 weeks