Cable Lockouts 63 To use, simply route the cable around whatever you’re trying to lock out, feed the cable back through the second hole and ensure the cable is gripped in place. Once done, attach up to 4 padlocks to the hasp to fully secure the system. ] ] Completely non-conductive ] ] Used for multiple applications ] ] Can be supplied with either 2 or 5 meters of cable (3.5mm thick) Specifications LT-GTMCL+2C LT-GTMCL+5C Device Included Included Cable Length 2m Vinyl Coated Steel 5m Vinyl Coated Steel Gripping Interlockable Cable Lockouts Extremely easy to apply, this cable lockout system is designed to fit around multiple breakers, switches or valves to prevent access during lockout procedures. ] ] Ergonomically designed for easy installation ] ] Includes 1m cable in your choice of steel core or nylon core ] ] Fits around valves, circuit breakers and switches ] ] Squeeze together the hasp to create a secure lockout Specifications LT-SMCL-DE-Y LT-SMCL-MB Device Included Included Cable Length 1m 1m Cable Type Non Conductive Nylon Core Steel Core Nylon core non-conductive cable Steel Core cable Squeezer Multipurpose Cable Lockouts B E S T S E L LER•BEST S E L L E R • B E S T S E L L E R • 