Signs and Labels 170 LT-LWS-6 LT-LWS-1 LT-LWS-2 LT-LWS-3 LT-LWS-4 LT-LWS-5 LT-LWS-7 LT-LWS-8 LT-LWS-10 LT-LWS-11 LT-LWS-12 LT-LWS-9 Large Lockout Wall Signs Designed to inform employees to lock equipment out before work commences. They can be used in combination with other signs and posters to form an extensive lockout/tagout procedure that adheres to relevant regulations. Can be supplied in self adhesive vinyl or on rigid PVC. Signs are customisable, call our sales team for more information. ] ] Available in self-stick format ] ] Customisation options are available, call our sales team for more information Model Product Name Size LT-LWS-[XX] Large Lockout Wall Signs H:450 x W: 600mm  Don’t Forget Do you need padlocks to secure your lockout devices? Head to page 20 to see our range of padlocks or visit LT-LWS-13 LT-LWS-14