Circuit Breaker Lockouts 77 Top Slide-Single Pole Breaker Lockout Multi Pole Breaker Lockout Single Pole Lockout Specifications LT-TS-SPBL LT-MPBL LT-SPL Breaker Type Single Pole Multi Pole Single Pole Double Pole Lockout Universal Multi Pole Breaker Lockout Specifications LT-DPL-L LT-UMP-BL Breaker Type Multi Pole Multi Pole  Don’t Forget Do you need padlocks to secure your lockout devices? Head to page 20 to see our range of padlocks or visit These breaker lockouts provide effective restriction on single-pole and multi-pole breakers. ] ] LT-TS-S PBL Mount in place over the ‘off’ position switch and secure with a padlock. Fits most major brand, single-pole breakers ] ] LT-MPBL For use on 120/277V crossbar style multi-pole breakers ] ] LT-SPL A single pole lockout that does not require a switch breaker with a recessed hole in it ] ] LT-DPL-L A double pole lockout, similar to MPBL but slightly larger to accommodate larger breakers. Available for either single or double pole breakers ] ] LT-UMP-BL For use on tie-bar style breakers, the clamp-on type lockout will work with most major brand multi-pole breakers Breaker Lockouts