Circuit Breaker Lockouts 79 Universal Toggle MCB Lockouts Universally suitable for all miniature circuit breakers, this lockout is secured in place using a small screwdriver to tighten the built- in screw against the MCB switch. Once secure, attach a padlock or hasp to the lockout to secure in place. ] ] Use this lockout in place of other MCB lockouts should you find they don’t fit Model Product Name LT-TOGGLE Universal Toggle Computer / Power Cord Lockouts This lockout is made for isolating IEC power sockets on computers. Suitable for most computers, test instruments, power supplies, monitors, lab equipment etc. ] ] Space for attaching one lockout padlock Model Product Name LT-P/SL-SMALL Computer Power Cord Lockout Two Way MG Toggle Hasps This device engages in the slot behind the switch toggle, blocking its operation. Adding a padlock prevents unauthorised operation and secures the device in place when the breaker is in the off position. ] ] For use in the off position ] ] 3 step installation, turn off breaker, squeeze hasp together and place in the socket, place padlocks in the matching holes Model Product Name LT-TWTH Merlin Gerin Toggle Hasp B E S T S E L LER•BEST S E L L E R • B E S T S E L L E R • 