Safety Padlocks 34 These metal tags, collars and chains are used for identification of padlocks used during lockout/tagout procedures. The tags are easily attached to existing padlocks and contain unique number identifiers to help you create an effective lockout programme. ] ] Customised shapes and numbering and chain length is available on request (additional costs apply) Metal I.D. Tags And Collars Metal Padlock Tag Long-Set of 6 Metal Padlock Tags Circular-Set of 6 Metallic Mounting Bracket and Steel Chain Stainless Steel Chain- Customised length Specifications LT-MT-L LT-MT-C LT-MB+SSC LT-SSC Tag Shape Long Circular - - Tags Supplied 6 6 - - Chain - - 229mm Customised Padlock Chains and Collars Used to keep padlocks near the equipment which is to be locked out. The collars are supplied with rivets allowing them to be attached to the shackle. ] ] ML-71SC7 is for padlocks: ML-S31, ML-S32, ML-S33 ] ] ML-71SC8 is for padlocks: ML-406, ML-410, ML-411, ML-S6835, ML-6835, ML-A1100, ML-S1100 ] ] ML-71SCP is for padlocks: ML-3 Padlock Chain Padlock Chain Padlock Collar Padlock Collar Padlock Collar Specifications ML-71CS ML-71CH ML-71SC7 ML-71SC8 ML-71SC9 Type Lightweight Chain Heavy Duty Chain Collar Collar Collar Size 230mm 230mm - - -