Contents 6 United States Standard OSHA: 1910.147 Durable Devices must be capable of withstanding the environment to which they are exposed for the maximum time of exposure expected. Standardised Devices shall be standard in a facility either by colour, shape or size. Substantial Devices must be sufficiently substantial to resist removal without the use of excessive force or unusual techniques, such as using cutting pliers. Identifiable Devices must indicate the identity of the employee. Europe Standard CEE89/655 Article 19 The employer is committed to guarantee the safety and protection of employees and to take the necessary measures to reduce risks to the minimum possible. Article 46 The employer must ensure that all safety procedures are strictly implemented and regularly reviewed by appropriate means. Employees must use all necessary tools to carry out maintenance they are responsible for. Article 49 When carrying out isolated maintenance, the equipment must be clearly labelled. Isolation of equipment from all possible electrical energy sources; lock-out of devices in the ‘off’ position; verification of isolation of all energy sources close to the maintenance area. United Kingdom Standard BS7671:2008 Section 537.2.2.4 Provision shall be made for securing off-load isolating devices against inadvertent or unauthorised opening. Section 537.3.1.2 Suitable means shall be provided to prevent electrically powered equipment from becoming unintentionally reactivated. REGULATIONS 6