Security Padlocks 54 ABUS aluminium coloured padlocks are a good choice for engineers and maintenance workers for locking out machinery, switchboards and tools boxes, etc. They offer mid-high security and due to the colour varieties available, can be easily assigned to different users/ departments. They also offer effective safety for home and businesses, on doors, gates and sheds etc. ] ] 7 Colours available-red, yellow, green, purple, orange, black and blue ] ] Shackle available in stainless steel or aluminium, please state your preference when ordering ABUS aluminium ecolution padlocks are suitable for use in the food industry thanks to non-toxic lubricants and coating. ] ] Corrosion resistant ] ] Environmentally friendly packaging-PVC free Anodized Coloured Aluminium Padlocks Ecolution Padlocks Standard Aluminium Wide Aluminium Long Shackle Aluminium Specifications ABUS-72/30 ABUS-72/40 ABUS-72/40HB40 Shackle Height (A) 26.5mm 27mm 39mm Shackle Diameter (B) 4.5mm 6.5mm 6.5mm Body Height (C) 33.5mm 40.5mm 40.5mm Body Width (D) 32mm 39mm 39mm Body Depth (E) 16mm 19mm 19mm Specifications ABUS-72/IB40 ECOLUTION Shackle Height (A) 27mm Shackle Diameter (B) 6.5mm Body Height (C) 40.5mm Body Width (D) 39mm Body Depth (E) 19mm  KEYING OPTIONS These padlocks are available in: ] ] Keyed Alike ] ] Keyed Different ] ] Call for special requirements 01642 931 329 