Lockout Stations and Storage 142 Designed to hold padlocks, these cabinets offer a simple solution to keeping lockout equipment safe. They are made from special grade metallic sheets and are durable enough to withstand harsh working environments. ] ] Can be customised, minimum order quantities apply ] ] 4 pre-punched holes for wall mounting ] ] Supplied with security lock and 2 keys ] ] Deep cabinet with staggered hooks to allow extra space for padlocks, each hook holds 2 padlocks Padlock Cabinets 84 Locks-Clear Fascia 112 Lock Cabinet 220 Lock Cabinet Specifications LT-PC-CF-84 LT-PC-112 LT-PC-220 Height 584mm 585mm 585mm Width 394mm 394mm 800mm Depth 140mm 140mm 140mm Locks 84 112 220 10 Hooks and 19 Locks Cabinet-Clear Fascia 21 Hooks and 41 Locks Cabinet-Clear Fascia 28 Hooks and 55 Locks Cabinet-Clear Fascia 21 Hooks and 41 Locks Cabinet Specifications LT-PC-CF-10 LT-PC-CF-21 LT-PC-CF-28 LT-PC-21 Height 356mm 464mm 584mm 464mm Width 267mm 394mm 394mm 394mm Depth 51mm 51mm 51mm 51mm Hooks 10 21 28 21 Locks 19 41 55 41 Please note, lead time on customised products can take up to 4 weeks