Electrical Panel Lockout 88 Electrical Panel Handle Lockout- Circular Red Electrical Panel Handle Lockout- Circular Yellow Specifications LT-EPHOL-CR LT-EPHOL-CY Outer Diameter 46mm 46mm Inner Diameter 32mm 32mm Colour Red Yellow Used to lock the racking in-out point of air circuit breakers and vacuum circuit breakers; can also be used for locking switches that are recessed inside a plane surface. To install, place over the area to be locked out and secure in place using screws or rivets into the 3 holes. If that is not possible, the strong adhesive backing will also work. Once in place, secure lockout with a padlock and tag. ] ] Easily rotated left or right ] ] Available in yellow or red Circular Electrical Panel Hole Lockouts Model Product Name LT-EPHOL-SS S. Steel Panel Handle Lockout LT-EPHOL-SS-KIT S. Steel Panel Handle Lockout Kit Installs directly to the surface of an electrical panel to prevent access to holes in the panel. ] ] Kit comes with rubber washer, nut, screw and right angled padlock eye Stainless Steel Electrical Panel Hole Lockouts