Security Padlocks 57 ABUS 80 series padlocks feature a titalium body which offers high security with low weight, and a hardened special steel shackle with NanoProtectâ„¢ coating for corrosion resistance. ] ] Use with hasps ] ] Provides high level lockout security The lock body is made from special aluminium alloy and the shackle is high-quality stainless steel. Perfect for use in high-risk conditions and is suitable for use outdoors. ] ] Integrated shackle guard makes attacks with bolt cutters difficult ] ] Precision pin cylinder ] ] Key retaining TitaliumTM 82 Series TitaliumTM Shrouded Shackle 90 Series Specifications ABUS-82TI/70 Shackle Height (A) 13mm Shackle Diameter (B) 12mm Body Height (C) - Body Width (D) 70mm Body Depth (E) - Specifications ABUS-90RK/50 Shackle Height (A) 22.5mm Shackle Diameter (B) 9.5mm Body Height (C) 49mm Body Width (D) 50mm Body Depth (E) 23mm