Security Padlocks 41 Heavy-duty steel padlocks manufactured by Master Lock feature a top and bottom bumper for greater scratch resistance. These padlocks also have dual locking levers to provide extra prying resistance. ] ] Padlock series 3 and 7 have a hardened steel shackle ] ] Padlock series 5 and 15 have a hardened boron shackle Laminated Steel Security Padlocks Security Padlock Security Padlock Specifications ML-7 ML-15EURD Shackle Diameter (A) 5mm 11mm Shackle Height (B) 14mm 31mm Clearance (C) 13mm 30mm Body Width (D) 29mm 67mm Body Height (E) 30mm 53mm Security Padlock Security Padlock Security Padlock Specifications ML-1 ML-3EURD ML-5EURD Shackle Diameter (A) 8mm 7mm 10mm Shackle Height (B) 23mm 19mm 25mm Clearance (C) 20mm 16mm 24mm Body Width (D) 49mm 38mm 54mm Body Height (E) 37mm 37mm 42mm  KEYING OPTIONS These padlocks are available in: ] ] Keyed Alike ] ] Keyed Different ] ] Master Keyed KA/KD 