Hasps 18 Red Labelled Snap on Hasp Blue Labelled Snap on Hasp Yellow Labelled Snap on Hasp Specifications ML-427 ML- 27BLU ML-427YLW Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Jaw Size - Diameter 44 x 54mm 44 x 54mm 44 x 54mm Body - Width 73mm 73mm 73mm Body - Height 178mm 178mm 178mm Shackle - Diameter 7mm 7mm 7mm Accepts up to 5 padlocks and uses a safe locking system meaning the hasp cannot be removed before the last padlock has been removed. Hasps have an anodized aluminium finish to resist corrosion. Suitable for use in the food industry. Labelled Snap on Hasps Labelled Hasp - 3mm Shackle with 4 Lock Holes Labelled Hasp - 4mm Shackle with 4 Lock Holes Specifications LT-34LH LT-44LH Material S. Steel / ABS S. Steel / ABS Jaw Size - Diameter 27 x 41mm 26 x 40mm Body - Width 49mm 49mm Body - Height 127mm 127mm Shackle - Diameter 3mm 4mm 4 Hole Premier Lockout Hasps with Integrated Labels These hasps flip open like a book and shut around whatever you need to lockout. Each hasp also includes a warning label.