Tags 165 Padlock Tags Slips easily over padlock shackles. These padlock tags hang flat on a padlock for quick identification ensuring that the status can be easily recognised. Back of labels reads ‘Locked out by’. ] ] Manufactured from 0.7mm PVC sheet which can easily be written on with a marker ] ] Customisation options are available ] ] Common back for LT-LPT 4 [X] reads ‘Locked out by’ with space to write employee/worker details LT-LPT 1 LT-LPT 3 LT -LPT 2 LT-LPT 3 C LT-LPT 4A LT-LPT 4B LT-LPT 4C LT-LPT D LT-LPT E LT-LPT 4F LT-LPT 4G LT-LPT 4H LT-LPT 4I LT-LPT 4J Model Product Name Size LT-LPT 1 Lockout Padlock Tags-1 H:145 x W:80mm LT-LPT 2 Lockout Padlock Tags-2 H:175 x W:50mm LT-LPT 3 Lockout Padlock Tags-3 H:105 x W:40mm LT-LPT 3C Coloured Lockout Padlock Tags-3C H:105 x W:40mm LT-LPT 4[X] Lockout Padlock Tags-4 [X] H:125 x W:50mm