Fuse Lockouts 93 Round Fuse Holder Lockout-D|| Round Fuse Holder Lockout-D||| Operating Tool for LT-RFHL Specifications LT-RFHL-2 LT-RFHL-3 LT-OT-RFHL Fuse Type E27 E33 E27/E33 Round Fuse Holder Dummy-D|| Round Fuse Holder Dummy-D||| Operating Tool for LT-RFHD Specifications LT-RFHD-2 LT-RFHD-3 LT-OT-RFHD Fuse Type E27 Dummy E33 Dummy Dummy Fuse Tool These dummy fuse holders prevent the fuse from being energised if it is reinserted. We offer various dummy types to fit E27 and E33 type fuse holders. ] ] Can withstand a temperature range of 4°C to 121°C ] ] Made of ABS, PC and steel / brass components ] ] LT-RFHL 2 suitable for-D|| / K|| fuse holder (E27) ] ] LT-RFHL 3 suitable for-D||| / K|| fuse holder (E33) ] ] Non conductive Round / Bottle Fuse Holder Lockouts Specifications LT-RFHL-KIT LT-RFHD-KIT LT-RFHL-2  LT-RFHL-3  LT-OT-RFHL  LT-RFHD-2  LT-RFHD-3  LT-OT-RFHD  Contains 1 of each accessory Round / Bottle Fuse Holder Lockout Kits