Cylinder Lockouts 111 Gate Valve Cylinder Lockouts This lockout is made from polystyrene plastics and can be applied to propane cylinders to stop unauthorised access to the contents. It is most commonly used to lockout propane cylinders of forklift trucks and has been specially designed to fit in tight places. Up to two padlocks can be applied to the lockout, thus preventing it from being removed from the propane cylinder by anyone unless they have a key. ] ] Easy to apply-just twist onto a propane tank handle and secure with a padlock Specifications LT-GVCL Stem Diameter 29mm Padlock Holes 2 WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? Full safety measures need to be taken when dealing with flammable gas and propane canisters. Ensuring that the energy source is locked out means that machinery cannot be inadvertently powered or turned on, which can prevent disastrous consequences in the workplace.