Tags 162 Lockout Tags These tags come in packs of 100 and are made of card/ laminated to ensure durability and resistance to harsh conditions. The tags contain a brass eyelet which is suitable for most padlock shackles. They can easily be written on with a marker to label who is in charge of the operation. ] ] Easy to write on ] ] Brass eyelet suitable for most padlock shackles ] ] Pack contains 100 tags Model Product Name Size LT-LE-TAGS Economy Lockout Tags H:145 x W:80mm Lockout Tag Rolls These tough lockout tags are made from a flexible plastic that is both tear-poof and waterproof. They come in a box of 100-Just pull and tear. ] ] Pack contains 100 tags (minimum order quantities apply) Model Product Name Size LT-TOR Lockout Tag Rolls H:145 x W:80mm Perforated Lockout Tags Two-part tags provide enhanced operational control and record keeping. The perforated stub is removed when the tag is attached to a lockout point. Only the employee in possession of the stub has the authority to remove the tag. The stub is then returned to the person in charge of the operation. ] ] Two part tag Model Product Name Size LT-TAG+1 Perforated Lockout Tags H:175 x W:80mm