Tags 166 Disposable Padlock Tags Cost effective way to display warning messages directly on machinery, padlocks or hasps. Can be attached with nylon ties. ] ] Available in packs of 50 or 100 ] ] Manufactured from 0.5mm superior grade PVC. Resists harsh conditions, chemicals and tearing ] ] Tags can be customised. Warning / Colour etc Disposable Lockout Padlock Tags Single Sided Disposable Lockout Padlock Tags Double Sided Disposable Lockout Padlock Tags Coloured Specifications LT-DLPT SS LT-DLPT DS LT-DLPT C Height 25mm 25mm 25mm Length 125mm 125mm 125mm Type Single Sided Double Sided Single Sided Coloured Tag Holder / Stations Keep your tags organised with a tag holder/station, this keeps them safe as well as easily accessible for all employees/workers. ] ] Customisation options are available, minimum order quantities apply Lockout Tag Holder Lockout Tag Station Yellow and Black Shadow Tag Station Yellow and Black Shadow Tag Station Specifications LT-TH20 LT-TS LT-YB SLTS-8 LT-YB SLTS-16 Height 230mm 470mm 865mm 865mm Width 130mm 445mm 305mm 535mm Tag Holder 20 Tags 8 Spaces 8 Spaces 16 Spaces