Blocking Bar Lockouts 115 Blocking Bar Lockouts Blocking bar lockouts allow you to lock out irregular switches, larger switches or even touch-screen panels. The red blocking bars indicate that the switches are locked off; green bars are used to show that the switches are locked on. A simple and cost- effective way to deter people from using the panels/switches. ] ] Simple and easy to apply ] ] Self-adhesive backing on bases, hangers and blocks 2 Slot Flat Base 2 Slot Thick Base 7 Slot Thick Base Block Hanger Specifications LT-2B-FB LT-2B-TKB LT-7B-TKB LT-BLH Size / Bar Slots 2 2 7 4 Blocking Bar Blocking Bar Blocking Bar Blocking Bar Specifications LT-4-BR LT-8-BR LT-4-BG LT-8-BG Colour Red Red Green Green Size (Length) 102mm (4 Inch) 204mm (8 Inch) 102mm (4 Inch) 204mm (8 Inch) Circular Blocker Circular Blocker Square Blocker Rectangular Block Specifications LT-CB38 LT-CB75 LT-SB-2X2 LT-RB-3X4 Size (H x W) 38mm Diameter 75mm Diameter 50 x 50mm 75 x 100mm