Cable Lockouts 62 This lockout is easy to apply to various applications. Just tie the cable around the equipment you are trying to lockout and then tighten with the special tightening tool. ] ] Made from brass and stainless steel ] ] 2m length, stainless steel cable with locking device ] ] Fully stainless steel versions available and are resistant to rust and corrosion ] ] Tightening tool for LT-LMMCL can be bought separately Multipurpose Cable Lockout Stainless Steel Cable Lockout Twister Screw Metallic Cable Lockout Specifications LT-EMMCL-2C LT-LMMCL-2CL-T LT-TMMCL-2C Device Tool Type Tool Type Screw Type Cable Length 2m Stainless Steel 2m Stainless Steel 2m Stainless Steel Cable Loop No No No Tightening Tool Included Included N/A LT-T-LMMCL Tightening Tool for LT-LMMCL Brass/Steel Multipurpose Cable Lockouts Uniquely-designed, scissor jaw hasp for preventing access to breakers, switches and other applications. To use, feed the optional cable through the hasp before closing it and secure in place with a padlock. Up to four padlocks can be attached to the system and are easy to attach thanks to built-in finger curves and thumb rest. ] ] The cable is 2m in length but we can supply optional 5m and 10m cables as a special request (please call for more information on these variations) Specifications LT-RMCL+2C LT-RMCL+5C Device Included Included Cable Length 2m Vinyl Coated Steel Cable 5m Vinyl Coated Steel Cable Cable Loop Yes-One End Yes-One End Razor Multipurpose Cable Lockouts