Hasps 15 Dual-Sided Scorpio Lockout Hasps Dual-hole lockout hasp with two different-sized openings to cater for use in different applications. Depending on the model purchased, the hasp is either available made from coated aluminium or powder-coated steel. All hasps can house multiple padlocks, ideal for larger teams where each team member assigns their own padlock to the hasp. ] ] For larger orders, this hasp can also be supplied in - Yellow - LT-SCORPIOCY, Blue - LT-SCORPIOCB, and green as shown below Powder Coated Scorpio Hasp Green - 6 Hole Powder Coated Scorpio Hasp Red - 6 Hole Aluminium Hasp Double-Sided 10 Hole Specifications LT-SCORPIOCG LT-SCORPIO LT-ALH-2WAY Material Coated Steel Coated Steel Aluminium Jaw Size - Diameter 20 x 45mm 25 x 38mm 20 x 45mm Body - Width 37mm 47mm 37mm Body - Height 137mm 150mm 137mm Shackle - Diameter 9mm 5mm 9mm Double-Sided Nylon Hasp 8 Holes Double-Sided Nylon Hasp - 7 Holes with Padlock Included Specifications LT-DS-EH8 LT-DS-EH7-INT Material Nylon Nylon Jaw Size - Diameter 25 x 38mm 25 x 38mm Body - Width 58mm 57mm Body - Height 139mm 144mm Shackle - Diameter 4.5 - 6mm 4.5 - 6mm Although identical in design to our Scorpio double-sided hasps, these versions of the Scorpio hasps are made entirely from nylon and are non-conductive for use in electrical applications. Non-Conductive, Double-Sided Hasps