Security Padlocks 51 Solid Steel Round Body Padlocks This padlock by Master Lock features a wide, 63mm solid steel lock body that is durable and corrosion resistant. A dual ball bearing locking mechanisms provide maximum protection from prying and hammering. The hardened boron alloy shackle is 30mm in length with 11mm diameter. ] ] Hardened boron alloy shackle for cut resistance ] ] 5 pin tumbler cylinder Model Product Name ML-6230 Master Lock Round Body Padlock Stainless Steel Lockout Padlock-Small Stainless Steel Lockout Padlock-Long Specifications LT-SSLP-S LT-SSLP-L Shackle Height (A) 27mm 74mm Shackle Diameter (B) 6mm 6mm Body Height (C) 35mm 35mm Body Width (D) 40mm 40mm Body Depth (E) 15mm 15mm Keys Supplied 2 2 Material Steel Steel Choose your Key Type Key Different LT-SSLP-S-KD LT-SSLP-L-KD Key Alike LT-SSLP-S-KA LT-SSLP-L-KA Key Different + Master LT-SSLP-S-KD+M LT-SSLP-L-KD+M 40mm stainless steel padlocks have a durable body and hardened shackles that resist sawing and filing. ] ] Stainless steel ] ] Comes with 2 keys Stainless Steel Padlocks