Valve Lockouts 105 Seal Tight™ Handle-On Ball Valve Lockouts Made by Master Lock, this patent-pending lightweight and compact device is designed to clamp tightly onto the handle stop and prevent handle movement. ] ] For valve diameters of 6mm to 101mm ] ] Clamps tight on handle stop to prevent handle movement Model Product Name ML-S3068 Handle-On Ball Valve Lockout Seal Tight™ Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockouts Lockout valves from 10mm to 102mm. Simply remove the handle of the valve and place in the zip pouch. Place the strap around the pipe and feed through the plastic hatch, once secure, close the plastic hatch and secure with a padlock. ] ] Eliminates the risk of valve reactivation by removing the handle ] ] Covers valve stem for secure lockout tagout Model Product Name ML-468L Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockout Standard Ball Valve Lockouts Ball Valve Lockout Ball Valve Lockout Specifications ML-S3476 ML-S3477 Valve Size 6-25mm 31-76mm Valve Position Off Off These quarter turn handle valve lockouts made by Master Lock, are designed to lock manual and quarter turn ball valve handles in the off position. ] ] Locks valves in off position only ] ] Heat resistant powder coated metal body