Security Padlocks 47 ABUS Nautic padlocks are made from solid brass and offer durability as well as sound security. Due to the weather-resistant materials, they make great padlocks for harsh outdoor conditions and are 100% rust free. Suited for marine use but can also be used in lockout tagout procedures as they come in various colours making it easy to assign them to users and departments. ] ] Self locking ] ] Paracentric keyway for increased protection against manipulation Nautic Series Padlocks Nautic Padlock 40mm-Blue Nautic Padlock 40mm-Red Nautic Padlock 40mm-Yellow Specifications ABUS-T84MB/40B ABUS-T84MB/40R ABUS-T84MB/40Y Shackle Height (A) 21mm 21mm 21mm Shackle Diameter (B) 7mm 7mm 7mm Body Height (C) 31mm 31mm 31mm Body Width (D) 43mm 43mm 43mm Body Depth (E) 17mm 17mm 17mm Nautic Padlock 20mm Nautic Padlock 30mm Nautic Padlock 50mm Specifications ABUS-T84MB/20 ABUS-T84MB/30 ABUS-T84MB/50 Shackle Height (A) 11mm 14mm 24mm Shackle Diameter (B) 4mm 5mm 7mm Body Height (C) 19mm 26mm 37mm Body Width (D) 22mm 32mm 53mm Body Depth (E) 12mm 16mm 18mm