Circuit Breaker Lockouts 80 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockouts This is applied to T1-T2-T3 / FUJI moulded case circuit breaker covers to prevent the lever closing or opening operation. ] ] For use in the off position Specifications LT-MCCBL-A Padlock Holes 3 Shackle Diameter 7mm ABB Circuit Breaker Lockouts Device for securing single or multi-pole RCCBs against unauthorised switching on or off. ] ] For use in the on or off position ] ] Use a non conductive padlock with this lockout Specifications LT-ABB-CBL Breaker Position On / Off (2 way) Shackle Diameter 3-6mm Hanger For Circuit Breaker Lockouts Handy for placing near lockout stations or breakers that need locking out. ] ] Made from clear plastic ] ] Self adhesive Model Product Name LT-HCBL Hanger for Circuit Breaker Lockout